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A WHISPER IN TIME: Songs of Life, Love & Loss


Words & music by Sarah Barchas, singer-songwriter, rancher from Sonoita, Arizona

(Two songs based on hummed melodies by mother, Cecile Barchas, age 98, before death).

Performance credits: Sarah Barchas –Vocals, First Guitar, Keyboard, Harmonies

Roger King – Second Guitar, Bass

Production – RKM Productions, Tucson, AZ - Recording Engineer: Roger King

Graphic Design – Elizabeth Gething of Gething Design, Baltimore, MD

Cover Photo - Taken by Joseph A. Robbins of Virginia Beach, VA, at the ranch near Sonoita, AZ, which was the setting for some of the songs.

Released November 6, 2012

Sound recording copyright 2012 Sarah Barchas dba High Haven Music                              Cover photo copyright 2012 Joseph A. Robbins

CD and 20 page Lyrics Booklet Catalog Number HHM-116D (ISBN 978-1-889686-23-3)  $15.98


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From the zest and wonder of wild horses to the uplifting memories of devotion and spirit of a faithful cowdog, these songs portray love through many dimensions of life and loss. They explore love of life and its possibilities, love of vibrance and beauty in nature, love during time of temporary or extended separation, long-lasting love that continues to grow across time, love adjusting to decline, love during pain of anticipation of loss, and love in honoring and remembrance after loss. These are poignant songs through the journey of life, love, and coping with loss; songs of depth that can stir heart, mind and spirit across time and generations.



1.      Listen to the Flowers Sing – Putting out antennae of senses to experience and contribute to life fully while we have it.

2.      Wild Horses – Zest, beauty and magic of freedom and spirit of wild horses

3.      Your Love Is My Strength – Love through temporary or prolonged separation

4.      After All These Years – Strong, deep, long-lasting love across decades of sharing throughout the ups and downs of life.

5.      Arm In Arm – Sharing rural way of life and life with each other of loving couple in later years, experiencing birth of baby calf.

6.      I'm Coming to Terms - Adjusting to decline in loved one (or in self).

7.      I Love You Still – Loss after death of spouse

8.      Loving You – Sorrow in loss of loved one, intensity in commitment of remembrance; the beautiful melody came from hummed melody by Cecile Barchas , with two lines of words.

9.      Touched by Windows of What Was – Experiencing decline of loved one yet holding on to the joy of little windows of clarity that bring back even briefly what the loved one was before; seeking that others remember the fullness of the totality of that life and not let memory be dominated by what it was at the end.

10.  Leaf of the Life That Is Mine – The haunting first melody was hummed by Cecile Barchas at age 98, only a few months before her death; this song deals face to face with coming to the end, and recognition and acceptance of time to let go of the struggle.

11.  Cowdog Glen, Spirit Of Life - A tribute to the life of a remarkably unique, spirited, faithful and responsive Border Collie dog who won our hearts and lifted our spirits throughout his years for living and remembrance.

12.  Reflections on Feeding the Birds – Keeping alive the tradition of feeding the array of wild birds in rural setting; seeking to keep alive the tradition of trying to be steward to land and living in harmony with nature when time comes for change in ownership.

13.  A Whisper In Time - A song of perspective, looking across life from one's older years, seeking to “know what we have now, know what matters now, and try to give, love, and find meaning through whatever we have of fleeting time, until the end.”


The perfect and highly symbolic cover photo for this CD was taken by Dr. Joseph A. Robbins, cardiologist and gifted photographer from Virginia Beach, VA. The old windmill represents the fleeting nature of passage of time in past, present, and future. The old gnarled tree, although dead, represents loss, but still with dignity and remembrance for what was. The beautiful vibrant dog, Bear, symbolizes life and love.


TOM AGOSTINO - Host of The Folk Sessions, KJAZZ Radio Network – "A Whisper in Time is poetry put to music. Beautiful images, deep emotions and life’s passions are stirred by Sarah's lyrics.”

DEE STRICKLAND JOHNSON – Award winning poet, author, songwriter, storyteller, performer and historian – “Sarah Barchas is unquestionably one of Arizona’s outstanding wordsmiths, as is evident in the title of her latest CD A Whisper in Time: Songs of Life, Love, and Loss. Equally as enticing as the name of the title poem are those of Listen to the Flowers Sing, After All These Years, Touched By Windows of What Was, and Leaf of the Life That is Mine. Add to this Sarah’s haunting melodies and you have the captivating recording that is A Whisper in Time.

MIDORI HALL – Music teacher and Multi-Instrumental Performer - "Sarah Barchas is definitely a platinum songwriter and storyteller!!! It’s an honor … to hear what is in her heart, mind and soul. I believe that A Whisper in Time will touch many lives and help them through their journey through life's many challenges, whether young or elderly."


RHONDA LESTER, RN Psychiatric Nurse, Songwriter, and Performer - “Sarah Barchas has really captured the essence of Life, Love, and Loss in this recording. Arm in Arm is a beautiful sentiment of ranch life and her parents’ love. Leaf of the Life that is Mine gave me a tear in my eye. What a wonderful song. Having been diagnosed with Lymphoma last year, I realize just how fragile - and how short - life can be, so savor every moment! A Whisper in Time captures this idea beautifully!  Being a dog lover, the song about Glen really touched my heart. Yes, our life is a whisper in time! Sarah Barchas’ songs are well written and they all paint such a vivid picture with their story lines. I also like the way she enunciates so well. … Her lyrics are clearly sung and easy to understand and that makes the stories she tells a thought provoking experience for the listener.”

MAISY COOPERPatagonia Public Library – “A Whisper in Time is an excellent album in the tradition of folk music, with lyrics reminiscent of Peter, Paul and Mary. Sarah’s clear voice marries perfectly with the guitar.  The timeless message of the songs will be solace to anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one.”


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