TONWEYA AND THE EAGLES: Multicultural Folktales of Imagination and Insight


Selected & performed by Storyteller Sarah Barchas (August, 2007)

Cover art and graphics design by Elizabeth Gething

Production Manager: Roger King

HHM-114D - Compact disc with insert booklet ISBN:978-1-889686-21-9 $15.98


Released in August, 2007, TONWEYA AND THE EAGLES: Multicultural Folktales of Imagination and Insight is a strong and enticing storytelling CD. It is a collection of five memorable and thought-provoking folktales of exceptional substance that spark imagination, divergent thinking, and evoke creativity in listener response. The five multicultural folktales are drawn from diverse cultures and regions of the world – Native American, Czechoslovakia, Korea, Latvia, and Ethiopia.


Tonweya and the Eagles,” from the Lakota Sioux people, is a powerful and unforgettable tale of courage, survival and bonding. “Clever Manka,” from Czechoslovakia, is a tale of wit, humor, riddles, problem-solving and justice. “How the Sons Filled the Hut,” from Latvia, is a brief tale which can evoke divergent and creative thinking in the listener. “The Tiger's Whisker,” from Korea, evokes timeless universality on impacts of war on psyche and human relationships. “The Fire On the Mountain,” from Ethiopia, epitomizes the power of the mind, imagination and insight in striving for survival and seeking justice.


These five folktales reflect distinct cultural traditions, yet as in the best of folklore, they reflect the the universality of humans in strength and frailties, struggles, problem-solving and triumphs. The 67 ½ minute CD includes insert guide-booklet with story summaries & suggested ideas for discussion & activities. Ideal for schools, libraries, home schooling, family enjoyment for ages 8 to 14 and above, grades 3 to 8 and above.



Recipient of a Parents’ Choice Gold Award for Audio Storytelling (April, 2008)


Flora Joy – Parents’ Choice - The five spellbinding multicultural folktales on this CD challenge the imagination and insight of all ages. With a serious tone and dynamic passion, Sarah Barchas immediately hooks listeners with these story dramas. Barchas packs a potent punch that's not to be missed.


Lon Austin – Phoenix Folk Traditions Music FestivalArizona storyteller and songwriter Sarah Barchas shares stories from around the world in her new CD “Tonweya and the Eagles”. In a time where the spoken word competes with television and the Internet it is a pleasure to hear Sarah tell stories that unite all people as the Family of Man.

Maxine JewettPresident, Southwest Acoustic Music Association – “…wonderful, powerful, and empowering tales…delivery of the tales was just right…saving the essence of life, one story at a time.”


Robert A. Reid – Author and Instructor on literature for children and adolescents, recent Wisconsin Librarian of the Year.-Tonweya and the Eagles” Showcases the Storytelling skills of multi-talented musician Sarah Barchas with five inspirational stories of cleverness and courage. The title story is a long journey of inspiration drawn from the Lakota-Sioux culture. Barchas’ strong, passionate vocal delivery helps the listeners visualize the story as well as the other tales drawn from around the world – Czechoslovakia, Korea, Latvia, and Ethiopia. My personal favorite is the Latvian “How the Sons Filled the Hut.”, an enjoyable story of surprise and wit. Sarah Barchas takes her recording to the next level by providing creative follow-up activities and discussion questions making this the perfect storytelling recording for classrooms, libraries, and households.


Harry ZonaStoryteller and poet, Internet Radio personality, and host of poetry and folk music presentations - “Sarah Barchas brings emotion and life to the stories she tells”


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