Music by Cecile and Sarah Barchas.

Lyrics, Arrangement, Performance by Sarah Barchas (September 21, 2008)


Cover Photo by Joseph A. Robbins

Graphics design and layout by Elizabeth Gething

Production Manager: Roger King

HHM115D - Compact Disc with 20 page lyrics booklet - (ISBN:978-1-889686-22-6) - $15.98


This CD of 13 songs with lyrics booklet is a remarkable and unique collaboration between mother and daughter from two years of shared songwriting completed at ages 95 and 69 respectively. The core initial melodies for 8 of the 13 songs came from hummed melodies by Cecile who is bedridden, frail and with multiple infirmities at this point in her long life, yet still retains a love of music that helps sustain her. The weaving by Sarah of contrast melody and lyrics inspired by her mother's melodies, and the process of completion through shared effort and values, became a treasured experience for both.

The songs on this CD deal with themes of life, time, dreams, memories, growth, hope through adversity, connections to others, responsibility to this earth, and legacy. From the wistful enchantment of a long lost music box rediscovered, to the recognition that past dreams laid aside might still in some way be realized; from reaching inward and outward in hopes, memory, coping and growth, to viewing and still shaping the panorama of one's life; from individual connections with others to global connections and need for responsibility toward this earth, SEEDS OF SONG THROUGH TIME speaks across ages to TIME and to LIFE.

Audience: Across ages from at least ages 9 to 109; for schools, libraries, family enjoyment, sharing in car, home, camp, relaxation & reflection.


* LON AUSTIN – Acoustic Music Leader, Storyteller, Coordinator of FOLK TRADITIONS MUSIC FESTIVALS in Arizona 09/2008 “Sarah Barchas writes great songs about this journey called life that we all find ourselves on. This collaboration with her mother Cecile not only honors a mother and daughter’s journey, but, as she says in the song “Music Box”, it is a toast to life and all that life can be.”

* BUCKSHOT DOT (Dee Strickland Johnson) - Noted Author, Historian, Storyteller, and Cowboy Poet’s Evaluation.

* CD BABY 11/2008 - “Folksong Style that soothers and uplifts the spirit, expressive and reflective that lingers in the mind and heart, and welcomes being heard over and over.”

* MAXINE JEWETT – President, SOUTHWEST ACOUSTIC MUSIC11/2008 - “Enchanting remembrance of childhood. It sings you to sleep with a lullaby, it instructs you, it comforts you, and sometimes it just plain has fun with you. This is a keeper for the 'little kid' in all of us.”

* ROBERT A. REID – U of Wisconsin Children's literature specialist, instructor, author of Children's Jukebox, Shake and Shout, More Family Storytimes11/2008 - “Barchas does a wonderful job of connecting the past and present with the title song and other tunes such as “Call This Memory”. She also looks to the future with an original lullaby for a newborn - “Sleep My Baby”, and ecological themed “Does It Matter?” After a busy day apart, families looking for beautiful reflective music to share with each other will find it with “Seeds of Song through Time”.... I think your collaboration with your mother is incredibly inspirational for others and I wouldn't be surprised to see similar projects developed.”

* DIANNE WAWRZUSIN – MM, MT-BC09/30/2008 - “What a treasure! As a music therapist who has worked with the elderly, this poignant CD would be a perfect addition to any music therapist's collection.”

* HARRY ZONAPoet and MC of many poetry and music events –An observation of and a manual for life and living.” He put his further thoughts into this short poem:

Deep and profound, yet light as a breeze. Good for generations, share this with others, please.”


01.  Music Box                                                                                   2:02

02.  Call This Memory                                                                      2:40

03.  Night Song                                                                                 2:19

04.  Almost Missed                                                               2:28

05.  Merry-Go-Round                                                                       2:07

06.  Listen to the Dream                                                                  3:12

07.  Sleep, My Baby                                                                          2:36

08.  Window                                                                                       3:24

09.  Worrying                                                                                     2:33

10.  Points of Light                                                                            2:45

11.  Elusive Time                                                                              3:28

12.  Does It Matter                                                                             4:03

13.  Seeds of Song Through Time                                                4:30

Total run time             approximately 38 minutes


Sound Recording (p) © 2008 Sarah Barchas DBA High Haven Music, ASCAP


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